Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain... Day Six

I'm happy to report that we are still doing well! Accident free! I am now feeling free to love the rain without the anxiety. I love the way it sounds in the morning, I love the way it makes the trees smell, I love the feeling that fall is here... my favorite time of year!

The weekend was fun and relaxing. Friday night Ginger and I had lunch and walked around the mall. Saturday was the school retreat in Boring, Oregon, which turned out to be quite beautiful! There was worship, speakers, food, games, and general fun. I'm feeling more and more at home at Western. Most of the faces are familiar now, and everyone is quite friendly. I also got to chat with possible future husband, who sadly turned out to be not a likely candidate due to the fact that he and I have very little in common, but he's sure nice to look at! ;) After church on Sunday I went to the Greek Festival with Ginger and Stephen (her bf) which was a very fun cultural experience.
It was at the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church in Northeast Portland. There were tents set up outside with Greek food, art, music and dancing. I had some delicious spanikopita, teropita, gyros, and of course... hummus! It was a good time.

I don't have any child stories today, but I'll leave you with this story about my funny little dog.

I was getting ready for school in the morning, and the dogs were wrestling and playing in my room. Abruptly, they ran into the hall where I could see them, and Rocky was... wait for it... wearing my shirt. Seriously. Head in the head hole, both front feet in one of the arm holes, and a goofy grin on his face. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on hand, and he climbed out of the shirt a minute later. It was good though.


Mom Ryan said...

Dad just phoned me at work, and I was laughing at the last paragraph in your blog. Sorry the future husband didn't work out! Glad that you are getting settled in Portland. Any luck with doggie sitters?? Lea's Mom came into my office today, and Lea is moving back home after she graduates from
massage school in FL. Says she is doing very well. Love ya,

tara said...

Bummer about the future husband - I was hoping we'd get to check him out! Sounds like life is going well up there. Ally and I have our first spring break together since she's been in school, we just decided it would be a great time to do a road trip to Oregon! Keep your fingers crossed that Josh can get some time off, and we'll crash your pad...maybe not literally, but we'd love to come see you. She's also quite excited about Halloween, so I'm really glad that worked out, thanks! Talk to you soon!

Colleen said...

Mom - Nothing on doggie sitters yet. Ginger's willing to help, but it's sort of a hefty commitment. We'll see. I talked to Leah today, and she is looking forward to getting out of Florida. :)

Tara - Yay! I would love it if you guys came up in the Spring. I have already thought about some fun Portland things we could do with the kids if you guys made it up here. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for that. And I can't wait to see the little Darth Vader and Hermione! I haven't gone trick-or-treating in years, so it should be pretty fun!

Mom Ryan said...

Sorry I forgot the "h"....I was thinking there was one as I was typing Leah's name. Great news about the Randalls; maybe they can stay in Ashland enroute? We can recommend a hotel! Sounds like Halloween will be fun!

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...
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Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

It is me...the laziest commenter ever. I told myself that I would not even think about clicking on your page if I wasn't going to tell you I came by. I was all motivated, gung-ho even, and Caedman's Call was playing, inspiring me all the more...then suddenly, I clicked the link, and wham! the song ended, and I have lost my inspiration. I now have nothing left to say ;).

I just read Tara's comment...wow, how fun is that?!

I'm loving your blog; I will be better about letting my lurking presence know. I love you, sista!

Adriana said...

really, there is a town called Boring???? and it wasn't boring at all?!! wow, i'm astounded.
i'm also blown away by your adorably fashion savvy doggie. i wish i could have seen it! i'm going to remember that story forever :)
miss you so so so much!
ps: you are the greatest blogger i know, i love reading your entries!

Linda Z said...

K, I just love the "possible future husband" comment! Can I have your permission to use that? Not for myself of course... I already have a husband, but you know, for friends... and a brother-in-law that is looking for a "possible future wife." This could be a catch phrase with the potential of leading to D.T.R. (define the relationship). P.F.H. and P.F.W. that is good!

Colleen said...

Kelly - I'm glad you overcame your laziness, because given the fact that you have a blog, you know how nice it is to get comments. :) Maybe just play some music on your own computer for inspiration. Like Eye of the Tiger or something.

Adriana - Yes, I was equally stunned to discover a place called Boring, but it was not deserving of it's name (thankfully). I am incredibly flattered by your comment, but clearly you have not wasted enough time reading random people's blogs if you think mine is the greatest. :P There are some funny and interesting people out there (in a good way). I miss you and love you.

Linda - You most definitely have my permission to use PFH. I was planning to move to the acronym in future entries. :) If it became as famous in the Christian world as DTR, I would be thrilled!