Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Semester's End

Monday was the last day of the semester, and I am tremendously excited, and relieved, to be done. I am still loving school, it is stretching and challenging me in many ways, but wow was I ready to be done with these classes. For one thing, class from 7:30 - 5 every Monday was a bit exhausting, not to mention that the end of that long day was spent with an hour of having to focus and listen to a classmates concerns, and an hour talking about my own. I discovered that being a client is much more challenging to me than being a counselor. I haven't written much about school in my blog lately, which is mostly due to the fact that blogging is another form of processing things for me, and I felt like I had reached the end of my rope on self-analyzing this semester. Why do I want to be a counselor? What is my motivation for helping people? Why is it hard for me to be a client? How did my childhood shape who I am as an adult? How did I process my identity as an adolescent? How did I develop spiritually throughout my life? What are my goals? How will I achieve them? Who am I, really? Aaaaaaahh!! I'm starting to wish that some small part of me could remain a mystery. :) But it's been really good at the same time, and it's exactly what people are expected to do in counseling, so if I'm going to talk the talk, I should walk the walk, right? So, anyway, I'm really enjoying a break from school until May 4th, when I return, and begin fresh classes and new forms of self-discovery. :) Luckily, I am only taking 2 summer classes, and one of them is a bible class. God is infinitely more interesting than I am. Sometime soon, perhaps I will share with you all some of the things I processed through this passed semester, but for now, I am too exhausted with it all. But I want to emphasize, after all that, that I still love school in a major way. If it wasn't challenging, I would be bored, and would likely gain very little.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another New Blog

That's right folks, I am addicted to blogging. :) And due to a variety of recent events and conversations, I have decided to create a new blog. It's about music for weddings. I know, you're probably thinking, how could you make a whole blog out of just that? You'd be surprised. Since I love music, and I love weddings, I decided to start this project, and as I did a little research, I found that most places online dedicated to wedding music are very limited. There are so many different options for so many different styles of weddings, so I am taking up the task of compiling a big giant list. My hope is that word will spread to people for whom this blog is actually useful (as in, brides and grooms to be.) I would love it if those of you who read my blog would help, and here's how: if you know of anyone who is engaged, thinking of getting engaged, works the wedding circuit, or is even a professional bridesmaid like myself, let them know! Obviously, it will be awhile for the blog to have a comprehensive selection of music, but in the meantime it will still have a few ideas. And, it's easy to remember: Soundtrack To I Do. I'm cute, huh? ;) Enjoy it!

Also: Amy F. was in Portland this weekend, and we had a lot of fun relaxing, hanging out with Ginger, exploring a bit, and being silly. Thanks for the visit, Amy!

And: Happy 40th Anniversary to my amazing parents. (It was on Sunday.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kevin's Blog

Has an actual entry. In case people were confused and forgot he had a blog, since it had been so long. Just try to help a brother out. :)

New post from me coming soon. Not much to say just now, I was
busy enjoying the INCREDIBLE weather we were blessed with for a couple days. I will NEVER again complain about the weather in California. We're back to rain and temps in the 50's tomorrow, but the warmth and sushine was GLORIOUS while it lasted. Like a drug.