Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Little Bit Of Me

The motto of the counseling program at Western is "a good counselor is a self-aware counselor." So, I'm going to be learning a lot about myself. So you get to learn a lot about me too! Lucky you. This blog is turning out a lot differently than I expected, but I'm greatly enjoying processing through things by writing in it. So here's what I learned about myself so far: (through rigorous testing otherwise known as "fill in the bubble") My spiritual gifts are Encouraging/Exhorting and Showing Mercy (the other gifts are Evangelism, Prophecy/Proclaiming, Teaching, Pastor/Shepherding, Serving/Ministry, Giving, Administration/Ruling).

Encouraging/Exhorting: Christians with the Gift of Exhortation find themselves encouraging others. They are compelled to give advice. As counselors, they seem to often have steps of action. While Prophets declare the truth and Teachers clarify the truth, Exhorters like to tell you what to do with the truth. They bless others with a strong sense of concern. Often looking to encourage others, they are sought out as counselors. People find Exhorters friendly, understanding and practical. They enjoy using their communication skills to share specific insights.

Showing Mercy: Christians with the Gift of Showing Mercy demonstrate genuine sensitivity to suffering. They are compelled to help people reduce pain. They are concerned more with the person than the reason for the suffering. Focusing on the feelings of those who hurt, Showers of Mercy strongly desire to minister by "being there" when people really need them. Sympathizing and/or empathizing are their specialties. While others may care more about why, what, when, or how, those with the Gift of Showing Mercy are interested in "who" needs tender loving care.

So, sounds like I chose the right field.

Under the Four Temperment Model of Human Behavior (the four being Dominating/Directing, Influencing/Inspiring, Competent/Compliant, and Stable/Submissive), my "behavioral blend" makes me a:

Steady Specialist: "S"s are stable and shy types. They do not like changes. They enjoy pleasing people and can consistently do the same job. Secure, non-threatening surroundings are important to them. They make the best friends because they are so forgiving. Other people sometimes take advantage of them. They need to be stronger and learn how to say "no" to a friend who wants them to do wrong. Talking in front of large crowds is difficult for them. They are motivated by sweet and sincere opportunities to help others.

I'd say that's pretty accurate.

So, the combination of my temperament and my spiritual gifts leads to the following description of my personality: Sensitive Type Christians with the Gift of Exhortation and Showing Mercy are most loving. They are sweet encouragers, always ready to help. They specialize in times of suffering, and they share simple and slow steps-of-action to help others. They often wait for others to ask for advice. They are not pushy. "S"-Exhorters can be too shy, and "S"-Showing Mercy types can be fooled by insincere cries for help. They may need to be more assertive and demanding with those who use their pain as excuses. They may need to share truth, rather than always listening. "S"-Exhorters are security-oriented encouragers. When people hurt, "S"-Showing Mercy types shine.

Everybody say, "aww." In closing, I would like to leave you with this inspiring and motivational video clip. Please enjoy. (You may want to pause the music at the bottom of the page to hear the video).

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Mom Ryan said...

Thanks for the beautiful blogging. I loved hearing all those gifts that you have to share with the world. It sounds like you've found the right grad program!
Now, about the music. Hmmmmm. I'm not too sure about that??

Love you!