Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Rocky!

Today is Rocky Raccoon's first birthday. My sweet, spazzy, hilarious little Dachshund/Chihuahua/Jack Russell has been alive for 365 days. He makes me laugh every day, he can jump higher than a dog his size should, he is oh-so-loyal (and miserable without me) and he always has kisses to spare (sometimes inappropriately, but who's judging?) I am so grateful to have him and Penny Lane in my life when I have a hard day, or I'm feeling lonely, or when I just need a snuggle. So happy birthday to my little "Spazzy Pants," as I like to call him (even though he does not wear pants). Here are a few pictures of the day I brought him home and introduced him to Penny, and one recent one.
Checking each other out.
Penny was nervous to play at first - Rocky was all about it.
About 20 minutes after meeting each other - fast friends.
Me and the Spaz.


Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

That's so funny that I was specifically asking about the dogs today. I must be, like, in tune with the universe or something. You didn't tell me it is Rocky's birthday, or I would have wished him a happy one. Happy Birthday, Rocky, you look great!

Mom Ryan said...

Happy Birthday to Rocky! Glad that he is adjusting to his new life in Portland. Exciting week ahead...maybe to hear about Kel & Rob's new baby?? Hope you have a great week.

Love you,

Ro-dizzle said...

happy birthday rocky! I remember when cyndi brought him into the office that fateful day.