Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christian Social Events are Like Piano Lessons

Are you curious? It's because, when it's time for me to go to both of them, I whine and cry, kick and scream (metaphorically, and only sometimes literally) and often require forces outside myself to get me there. However, once I'm there, I typically have a good time, and I leave feeling smarter, happier, and generally better about myself and life in general. (Except on the days when I couldn't get my alcoholic piano teacher to get off the couch and teach me... ha ha. But don't worry, it wasn't until years later looking back that I realized what had been going on. And she was always exceptionally fun when she was conscious). So, long story short, I've been to two this week, (church events, not piano lessons) and after the painful awkwardness passed, and the heart palpitations stopped, I actually had fun, and I think I may have met some people that could become (dare I say it?) friends. So yay for that. Stay tuned.

In other news, I started work today. Oh, the joy of the paycheck. I think the universe is trying to tell me something, because the first day back working with "normal" kids, one of the 3 kids that I spent the day with had cerebral palsy. So that was new and different, but the special needs side of things was not so new. :) The kids were sweet though, and we had a good day. My favorite part was this conversation with the 3 year old:

Him: "I want to play a game of real football."
Me: "How will we do that?" (Given that there are only 3 of us with fully functioning limbs).
Him: "Well, one person leans over like this, and the other person says 'hike' and gives it to the first person, and then the first person throws it to the third person, who runs down the field while the other people try to tackle him, and then he makes a touchdown. And somebody will drop-kick the ball. And then the Ducks will win. The Ducks always win!" (All said with a speech impediment in which r's and l's are w's).

So cute. My second favorite conversation:

Dad: "What does Daddy not like?"
Son: "Wasting."
Dad: "Right. And why does Daddy not like it?"
Son: "Because we can't afford it. We don't have a lot of money."
Dad: "Exactly."
(Incidentally, they appear to be doing just fine). His dad obviously has a different take on the whole "wasting is bad" lesson. No mention of children in 3rd world countries who have no food.

Well, that's all for today.


Mom Ryan said...

Hey, cute story. I'm glad you are forcing yourself out there and hopefully will be learning some new tunes! Funny story about the kids...very cute!!

Lots of Love...

Linda Z said...

I have a very hard time with social events, too. I am really not good at any form of small talk. It leaves me feeling exhausted. I try to pray beforehand and see if God might want to use me in someone's life or if He has something He wants to say to me, and then it is much easier.

Arletta said...

Here I am commenting....I think you just made us all feel a little better knowing that we aren't alone in the awkwardness of first-time social situations. But yay for the potential success of it all. And I am glad to hear that the job will not be short of entertaining stories for our regular chats. Miss you & love you!

Big Sis said...

You're kinda funny!! Love your analogy (social events and piano lessons) and questions about the dad's life lessons...

Saw on Kel's blog about talking to Tommy, glad you enjoyed it. The pics make me want to come visit. Miss you a lot!

Kayla said...

Glad you made yourself go to the social ackwardness event :)I may need to start doing some of that now too, it is lonely here without my lunch and shopping buddy (Luke is not working out filling your shoes as he refused to go into the Gap last night, I told him he would live through it but he disagreed, boys are silly, oh well). I am looking forward to my visit, I even got a new suitcase that I can carry on because I hate waiting at the stupid baggage claim! Talk to you soon, good luck with your homework.