Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Multitude Monday... Er, Tuesday

I am one day behind on this post too, but I've been working diligently on counting my blessings this week, so I wanted to share. I will be posting the highlights on Mondays, but if you are interested in viewing the whole list (with added pictures) you can click the "One Thousand Gifts" link at the top of my blog (under the header/picture at the top.)

3/30/10 - 4/5/10

I am grateful for...

19. God working through me
20. Heart-to-hearts
22. Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! (as seen at Wild Things in Salinas, CA)

38. Naps
39. Sweet friends
41. Sleeping in
42. Snuggles with my pups
43. Mindless television
44. Catching up with my best friend, Arletta:

45. New life! (Welcome Tyce Jeffrey Thompson!)
46. A stable family
47. Days off
52. My salvation

54. Cake

61. Getting dressed up
62. Seeing some of my SLO girls:
63. Krissy
64. Brittany
65. Camille
66. Mollie! (Home from Wisconsin)

67. Friends who are as sarcastic as I am (maybe even moreso...)
72. Philosophical debates (oddly started by the question, "what's your favorite color?")
74. A new engagement - congratulations to my sweet friend Jenn and her fiance Kenny!

76. Jesus' resurrection!
79. Going to church on a Sunday morning!
80. Worshipping with a huge room full of believers
83. Getting to spend the afternoon with my WHOLE family
84. Four nieces and nephews that I adore

85. Hearing a profound worship song out of a 3 year old's mouth (Bennett)
86. My 5 year old nephew Tommy, who knows the names of ACDC songs
87. Watching my niece Ally (10 yrs.) jump rope in the rain
88. The scrunched-nose smiles and mischevious giggles from Elodie (age 1)
89. A shard, home cooked, delicious meal
90. The best Easter I've had in a very long time!
95. Singing in the car
99. A nice dinner out
100. Getting to visit with (another!) old friend, Ginger

holy experience

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