Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm in Madrid!!

Hello from Spain!! I wanted to send out a quick update, because tomorrow we go to Barcelona and I probably won't have internet access while we're there. Spain has been amazing so far! The flights were long of course, but not too bad, and I slept almost 6 hours, so that was good. Customs was easy, I was a bit nervous about going through it alone for the first time, but it was no big deal. I found Adriana, and we headed back to her apartment, which is very cute, on the 17th floor of an apartment building in Madrid. We have been exploring Madrid, which is a great city. We went inside the Royal Palace, saw the Opera house and numerous other amazing buildings that probably have more history than our entire country. We went to see Flamenco dancers, which was a lot of fun, and have explored Madrid's crazy night life. The first night I managed to stay awake until 10, which I was very proud of, and woke up at about 7:30, which is impressive, I think, for a jet-lagged person. So since then I have been fine and felt great. My Spanish is terrible, but luckily I have Adriana, and I think it's starting to come back to me a bit. :) My feet have had a multitude of problems - blisters, and some kind of red, itchy rash, which might be from the heat, I'm not sure? - but I'm choosing to ignore it. Mind over matter. The food has been great so far, and the people accomodating. Yesterday we went to Toledo, which is an incredibly beautiful city, with an amazing cathedral, fortress, moat, and a ton of little cobblestone streets and beautiful homes and buildings. It was about 112 degrees (literally), so we had to stop, sit down and drink water often, but it was amazing anyway and so worth it. We have one more night here in Madrid, and as I said, we are off to Barcelona tomorrow! I will write again when I can! Pictures of the wedding and the trip will have to wait until I return. Hope everyone is well!


Katie! said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I can't wait to see all your pics from Spain!

Rob, Kelly, Bennett, and Elodie said...

Wow Colleen, how fun!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Your poor feet :(. Put the heels away, girl, no matter how hot you look!

Love and miss you mi hermana.

Mom Ryan said...

Kelly told me today that you had put a note on your Blog...sorry I didn't check it! Your trip sounds great so far; except for foot problems...probably the heat. :(
The Townsends loved Barcelona so I'm sure it will be wonderful. Enjoy every minute, and your feet will recover! Lots of Love.