Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi again! This will be a very quick update because I have to pay for the internet at the hostel. Barcelona is GORGEOUS. The architecture, the palm trees, the ocean, wow. Adriana and I paid to ride one of those double decker bus things for the last two days so that we could get around easily, since she doesn't know this city as well as Madrid. It has been so much fun to see everything from up high, and then to hop on and off the bus to see the sights. I can't really even describe the beauty here, so you will have to get a better understanding when I post pictures. My feet are doing better, thanks for asking, although when we got to Barcelona they swelled up and were HUGE. But the rash is fading, and I've only worn heels twice (at night), despite my desire to wear my beautiful shoes. It's also VERY hot, and we are starting to lose steam, after going going going, but I am not letting that stop me. Tomorrow we leave for Adriana's family beach house, so we can get out R&R there. (And swim in the Med. Sea woo hoo!) I hope all is well in the states! Hasta luego.


Mom Ryan said...

Wow, sounds fantastic...another City to add to my list!!?? Sorry the feet thing is happening...probably the heat! But I know you Love those heels!! Enjoy the Med...will be nice to swim and cool off.

Rob, Kelly, Bennett, and Elodie said...

R&R at a beach house in Spain...what a life! My R&R equals a few minutes here and there of quiet...on my couch. I shall live extravagantly and vicariously through you!

Just kidding, sounds UH-mazing!