Sunday, December 14, 2008



This morning when I opened my front door to let my dog out, my mouth fell open and hung there for about 10 seconds. I knew that it sometimes snows in Portland, and I knew that it was in the forecast to happen this weekend, but looking out at the white blanket over the parking lot, the cars, the rooftop, and the little flurries heading down from the sky... amazing! I don't know if you can wrap your head around how much I love snow, because I've never lived in it, and rarely even visited it (mostly because I hate skiing) but I love it! It's basically the best thing, and it came way before sliced bread. I'm sure that once you get used to it, you can start to think of it as a nuisance, but I never will! And I won't get to have a white Christmas, but I get a little white pre-Christmas! Yipee!

Rocky ran around the parking lot exploring, and Penny had a very difficult time deciding where to pee, since there was no available dirt. She finally settled on creating some yellow snow. Now we are all just sitting in the house watching it fall outside the window like it's prime entertainment - which for me it is!

Unfortunately, I don't get to miss anything boring today. Everything basically shuts down in Portland when it snows. I am missing church and my small group tonight, both of which I love, so that's a bummer. But I'm going to spend the day making angels in the snow and teaching Rocky and Penny how to make a snowman. :)

P.S. Linda - I'm stealing your fun font style. It makes things more interesting. 


kayla said...

I like the font style! Also, I left you a comment on one of your old blogs, since I have not been a devoted reader lately, but I am changing that! I am jealous of the snow and let me know how the snowball fight with Rocky goes :) It is raining here a lot... Well call me soon, i would like to see you when you are here, how far is carmel again?

Colleen said...

Kayla - I tried to throw a snowball in Penny's general direction, but the snow was so fresh and soft that it didn't maintain form, and just sort of blew away. :) I didn't try Rocky. Carmel is about 2 1/2 hours. I was going to tell you that if you want to come over the weekend of the 18th, you're welcome to stay, and we could do fun touristy things. Plus my parents like you so they won't mind. :) But I know you'd be missing the SLO festivities that weekend... Anyway we can talk later about a plan.

Also - thanks for the comment about my other blog! I would love it if FCNI wanted to use it! I did originally make it with the intention of foster parents actually reading it, but once I was done with the project I sort of forgot about it, until recently. Let me know what they say.

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish I could just hang out with you and have hot chocolate and watch movies.

Bennett is kind of fascinated with snow (I don't know how well he understands it); I told him it was snowing at your house. He laughed. I hope you had a fun snow day. We ended up going down to the Randalls to meet Buddy and Maddie-they are sooo cute! We had a really fun time.

Love you!

Mom Ryan said...

Cathcing up on your blogs. Who knew that you would be so crazy about snow?? It is pretty magnificent in its beauty when it is fresh and such a surprize when you wake up to it!
Drive home safely. Talk to you soon.

Love, Mom

Rochelle said...

did you take that picture? I'm jealous of the snow. just in case you didn't know... charlie passed. I liked reading about your pups though. someday I'll have another one.

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

Kell - I did spend the day watching Christmasy movies and drinking hot chocolate. It was fantastic. But I've since had to deal with more of the realities of snow, and I'm just hoping I can make it to CA in one piece! Ha ha. Can't wait to see you!

Mom - Yes, who knew?? I guess I might not be so crazy about it tomorrow... we'll see. Ha ha. I'll let you know what happens.

Rochelle - I did not take the picture. It's a good example of how things look though. I'm so so sorry about Charlie, that's awful. I can't imagine. I hope you and Ernie are doing ok. He was a sweet little guy!