Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Blog

I want to start by saying, that after almost two weeks of no blog entries, I was a little disappointed that when I finally wrote one, I got one comment. From my mother. Thanks for your loyalty Mom. (Patrick and Linda if you are reading this - please forgive my hypocrisy. I guess we are all at least partly motivated by the comments).

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all that I created a second blog. :) I was trying to clear out space on my computer, and my Cal Poly senior project was taking up a lot of space, but I didn't have the heart to just delete it. So I had a brilliant thought. Make a blog! I had already created all the makings of a web site, I just hadn't done anything with it, so now I have. It's a web site with positive parenting tips for foster parents (although they apply to any parent). It's not very exciting, but it was a lot of work (plus the 20 page research paper that went with it!) I don't really plan to update it, it's pretty much just... done. So oblige me and just take a little glance at it, will you? Thanks. :)


Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

Sorry about the disappointing number of comments. I know, I wrote a whole post pretty much begging for more comments a long time back.

I will go over and read your senior project, and I am totally interested in the subject, but I probably won't get to it until things settle down around here a little :).

You are flying right now. Wish I could be there to pick you up! Love you, sister.

Kevin Markley said...

rob, your comment was a little girly... might want to man it up a little bit here

Kayla said...

So I have been neglecting your blog... I actually momentarily forgot about it until you mentioned it today! (work has made me crazy lately)Anyways, I checked out the other blog you posted and I think it is absolutely amazing, I wonder what you would think about allowing me to ask Lauren (or someone at work) about putting some sort of link to it for parents to check out? Let me know, I thought it was very well done!