Thursday, August 28, 2008

Western Seminary - Soon to Be My Second Home

I had my orientation at Western today. It went really well. I'm very excited to be here. I have my interview for counseling on Tuesday, and if all goes well I will be taking the following classes this semester (for those who care): Discovering and Developing Ministry Potential, Psychopathology, and Legal and Ethical Issues (that's a counseling class). I met a lot of really nice people (no I have not made weekend plans with anyone, and I haven't received a marriage proposal yet). I am going to a dinner thing tomorrow night for new students, so that should be fun (and potentially awkward, but such is life). So, it was another good day in Portland. Hopefully I will get my furniture soon, and I will feel like I actually live here! Andrew if you are reading this... thanks for the comment. I can't comment back because your blog is not available to the public. What's that about? And family... thanks again for reading. Love you and miss you.


Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

I lagged on telling you that your apartment is so cute! I was planning on calling you today to see how the orientation went-glad it was good. Have fun at the dinner, even if it is a little awkward (you won't be the only one feeling that way, I am sure).

You're classes sound really interesting; I will try to learn vicariously through you. Then, in the future, I will pretend that it is not weird that you understand how to analyze my quirks.

I will ask Rob about the public comment thing, maybe he knows a loophole.

Mom Ryan said...

Wow. Classes sound exciting! Hope the dinner goes well tonight. I would just as soon that you hold off on the marriage until after the first date. Ok. I'm pretty old fashioned! Did you catch the speech last night?...kind of hard without a TV. Thought Obama was very impressive. Take good care!
Love you lots,