Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Big Move

Hello all. I am returning to the blog world, and it has welcomed me back with open arms. I figured there are a few people who will want to stay updated on my wild adventures in the Pacific Northwest, so I decided that blogspot was the place to be. I promise that I will never write about what I had for lunch, the lengthy details of my nightly dreams, or pass on the fascinating lectures from my professors. I only plan to post pictures and updates on how I'm doing, and, on occasion, use it as an outlet for my raging sarcasm, which I might have to hold back for awhile, on account of not wanting to offend new friends. I will warn you that I may get emo every once in awhile (that's short for emotional, Mom) since everyone I love will now be a plane ride away. I'll try to keep it upbeat though. So, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has made my transition out of California a smooth one (you know who you are). I love you all, and I'll miss you like crazy. Peace.


Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

Yay, I am the first to comment! Shoot, this is not about me, is it. Love the blog, love the colors, love the dots, love you.
This done make it seem utterly official that you are leaving, though :(.

I can't wait to see some pictures!

Kayla said...

Your new blog is so pretty, although it makes me sad to read it because it makes me miss you that much more, slo is not the same without you, rocky, and penny but I am glad I will get to see you guys soon in your new surroundings (I love excuses to travel to new places). Good luck on your long drive up there, call me soon!

Kevin Markley said...

how is it so far?

Colleen said...

Well Kevin... I'm not actually there yet. :) Leaving Carmel tomorrow.