Monday, July 19, 2010

Putting The Fun In Fundraising

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 of Putting The Fun In Fundraising! Well... I just named it that right now, but it's not bad, right? In case you're new here, read this blurb about why I'm fundraising, and those who already know can skip the next paragraph. :)

August 14th – 21st I’ll be going to Haiti with a missions team, through an international organization called Praying Pelican Missions. We will not only be sharing the love of Jesus with a hurting people group, but also helping in the relief effort dealing with the devastation left by the January earthquake. We will be working in schools, churches, and orphanages. I can’t wait to be a part of God’s work in Haiti! My trip costs $600, plus over $700 for a plane ticket(!) and a suggested donation of $300 for supplies. I've raised some of that total, but have a ways to go. (And if I raise extra, it will all be donated to the cause.)

So... my last fundraising effort on my blog did not go exactly as I had hoped. A lot of people entered, and that was awesome and so appreciated, but few donated. If everyone who entered the giveaways that week had donated $1, I would have raised over $220. And if I had been given $1 for every entry total, I would have raised almost $350! Which, needless to say, would have helped a lot.

So this time we're doing a raffle, and the only way to enter is to donate $1 to my Haiti trip (through Pay Pal - very secure!) Every extra dollar donated adds an extra entry to the raffle that you've commented on. If you donate $5, you get 1 entry in each of the 4 giveaways, in addition to 5 entries to the one you commented on!

I hope that explanation was not too complicated. Basically, just click here or on the "Donate" box on the top right, give $1 (or more if you choose), and leave a comment saying you did. (Just one comment is good!) If you're not a blogger, leave your contact information too.

Each of the raffles ends at 12:00 pm Pacific Time Friday, July 30th. The winner of each raffle will be announced that afternoon.

I will put the links in this post as I add the raffles so you can read the instructions and then go back and check out each raffle. There are 3 fabulous blog designers, and one lovely home decorating designer involved in these raffles! Have fun!

Day 1 - Laura Jane Designs
Day 2 - Creative Creations By Cristin
Day 3 - October Belle Designs
Day 4 - Penny Lane Designs

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Colleen Gonzalez said...

I really admire what you're doing. I hope you'll be able to tell us all about it. Everyone I know has been facing some tough times lately, but seeing the conditions in Haiti really puts it in perspective.

Colleen Gonzalez said...

Me again! I thought I'd have to do this later, but I cranked it out. I donated $5 to your trip and I'm sending my prayers to pack with you too!

Krystal Jett said...

I did! God Bless you & your trip! One Plant, One Waters, God Give the Increase! Amen!

Anonymous said...

God Bless You on your journey!

Dysfunction In The Heartland

denyse dar said...

Hi Colleen!
I donated because I support what you are trying to do 100% (actually 200% lol). I wish I could have sent you more. :( I hope your trip changes some lives.
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