Thursday, June 24, 2010

152 Insights Into My Soul

Ok... it's really just 50. The post title is actually from a movie. Can you name it?

Mama's Losin' It

So... I've never made a list like this because for some reason I felt like it would jinx me or something. Plus I don't want to be one of those girls who is single her whole life because she has a list of a zillion requirements that he can't possibly fulfill. I don't want to be the girl who refuses to date a man who drinks out of a straw. (Seriously, I saw that girl on Oprah.) But Mama Kat has issued the following writing assignment, so I'm accepting it. And yes, she asked specifically for 50.

50 Things I Look For In A Man

1. He loves Jesus
2. He cares about people
3. He makes me laugh
4. He thinks I'm funny
5. He's smarter than I am
6. He makes me feel smart
7. He's good with kids
8. He loves music
9. He's creative
10. He's outgoing (to balance me out)
11. He's honest
12. He's tolerant of all people
13. He accepts people (especially me) as they are
14. He's trustworthy
15. He cares about family
16. He's adventurous
17. He puts faith first
18. He knows how to be a leader
19. He's attractive! (To me)
20. He's attracted to me
21. He knows how to apologize
22. He knows how to forgive
23. He can communicate his feelings
24. He wants to be a father
25. He has Godly wisdom
26. He has a silly side
27. He's fun to be with
28. He's romantic
29. He's confident
30. He's humble
31. He's passionate
32. He's strong
33. He knows what he wants
34. We have chemistry
35. He has strong values
36. He's spiritual
37. He's generous
38. He can hold me accountable
39. He's compassionate
40. He's educated
41. He works hard
42. He plays hard
43. He can be spontaneous
44. He's good with his money (because one of us should be!)
45. He's respectful
46. He's sweet
47. He loves animals (or at least dogs!)
48. He seeks God's will for His life
49. He's flawed
50. He's perfect! For me. :)

I can't wait to meet him! And no, I did not jinx myself, and I'm not the girl with the 10 mile list of requirements. I'm waiting patiently for the right man, the one that God created for me (and me for him). And I'm not settling!

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Anonymous said...

Can I make this an Addendum to my own list? Seriously, down to the "outgoing to balance me out." I think so much is about balance of personalities that is hard to put into a list--especially while we're still searching. Great list! (I only had the time/energy to come up with 25!)

Savannah said...

You've Got Mail! One of my all time favorites!

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

It doesn't sound like you have unrealistic expectations. When the time is right, you two will find each other.

Raising Madison said...

That is a great list! I hope you meet that man. Actually, I bet you will & anything on that list that he isn't will be fine because you'll fall in love with something else in him that will take that place!


Stef said...

Yup, You've Got that show.
I met mine 12 years ago and it is awesome. Good luck with your quest!

The one with the View said...

Completely Realistic, and out there!! You will find him! And good for you for not settling! I found mine, almost 17 years ago, and life has been a wonderfully, crazy, Laugh out Loud, love like there is no tomorrow kinda life ever since! Good luck in your adventure!

G.~ said...

Great list. It's my belief that if those desires are there, they were put there because it's what you're supposed to have.

It's great to see a woman empowered and not willing to settle.

SomeGirl said...

I LOVE You've Got Mail!!!

Hang in there... I was 28 when I married my husband and he meets your criteria. One of my dear friends was 39 when she married her husband and he meets those criteria, too. It's worth waiting for!

I love what Tommy Nelson says in his Song of Solomon series... you know you're ready to get married when: you know what you want, you're willing to be single, and you won't settle for less. Wise words from a wise man. :)

♥ Michelle

Colleen said...

Thanks ladies for the sweet and encouraging comments on this one. :) They really mean a lot.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Such a sweet list! It will happen!

I have something for you!