Monday, March 29, 2010

Multitude Monday: A Thousand Gifts

holy experience

Ann at A Holy Experience has inspired me to begin counting gifts/blessings, and see how long it takes me to get to 1,000. Passion week seems like a great time to start. I have a feeling that counting my blessings will change my outlook and attitude... I'll let you know. ;) I will be posting the highlights on (some) Mondays, but the full list is here if anyone is interested. Click the link above if you would like to join the gratitude community.

I am grateful for...

1. Spring

2. Getting out of the house early enough to see the sunrise

3. My adorable co-worker, Martina 4. Patience

5. Teamwork
6. Learning something new every day
7. A few extra hours of free time
8. Comic relief
9. Rare motivation to be productive
10. Finishing my taxes!
11. Encouragement
12. The blogging community
13. Squirrels

14. The in-between weather
15. A week of reflecting on and celebrating Jesus' sacrifice
16. Rain
17. Coffee
18. Compliments
19. God working through me
20. Heart-to-hearts
21. Getting paid to do fun activities (some days)
22. Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! (as seen at Wild Things in Salinas, CA)

23. High fives
24. Hope for the future
25. Good timing (ex: finding my parents' dog in the street on the way home from work)
26. Music
27. The Couch

28. Unexpected surprises (ex: getting most of Easter off!)
29. Phone calls from friends
30. Having something to look forward to (A day of fun on Easter)
31. The beautiful full moon still available for my viewing pleasure at 6:30 a.m.
32. All varieties of personalities - they keep life interesting
33. Never having been arrested
34. The fact that my skin is mouch tougher than it used to be (figuratively)
35. Getting to go to the movies for work
36. The occasional good cry
37. Hugs

38. Naps
39. Sweet friends
40. My "Friday" (which is usually on a Tuesday)
41. Sleeping in
42. Snuggles with my pups
43. Mindless television
44. Catching up with my best friend, Arletta:

45. New life! (Welcome Tyce Jeffrey Thompson!)
46. A stable family
47. Days off
48. Antibiotics (modern medicine in general)
49. Health insurance
50. The free time that singleness affords me
51. Jesus' death on the cross
52. My salvation
53. Learning some more patience
54. Cake

55. Fun in the kitchen
56. Quitting time (3 pm)
57. Church
58. My hair
59. Seeing old friends
60. Learning flexibility
61. Getting dressed up
62. Seeing some of my SLO girls:

63. Krissy 64. Brittany 65. Camille

66. Mollie! (Home from Wisconsin)

67. Friends who are as sarcastic as I am (maybe even moreso...)
68. Catching up
69. Bridal Showers
70. Story telling
71. Learning new things about old friends
72. Philosophical debates (oddly started by the question, "what's your favorite color?")
73. Wedding season (in life in general)
74. A new engagement - congratulations to my sweet friend Jenn and her fiance Kenny!

75. Feeling like I had a vacation in one day
76. Jesus' resurrection!
77. A short day at work
78. Baby steps (a mumbled "good morning" instead of being yelled at when I woke one of the girls)
79. Going to church on a Sunday morning!
80. Worshipping with a huge room full of believers
81. Tears of joy
82. Feeling God's prescence
83. Getting to spend the afternoon with my WHOLE family
84. Four nieces and nephews that I adore

85. Hearing a profound worship song out of a 3 year old's mouth (Bennett)
86. My 5 year old nephew Tommy, who knows the names of ACDC songs
87. Watching my niece Ally (10 yrs.) jump rope in the rain
88. The scrunched-nose smiles and mischevious giggles from Elodie (age 1)
89. A shard, home cooked, delicious meal
90. The best Easter I've had in a very long time!
91. The peace and quiet in the morning when the girls (my clients) are asleep
92. April showers that bring May flowers

93. A sweet excited face when I woke up one of the girls and offered to take her to the movies
94. Shared interests
95. Singing in the car
96. A mellow afternoon
97. Rejuvinating hot showers
98. My spaz-tastic dogs
99. A nice dinner out
100. Getting to visit with (another!) old friend, Ginger

101. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping
102. A steady job/paycheck
103. The first day back to school after Spring break - refreshed children!
104. Board games
105. Sunshine
106. Sleep
107. My car
108. Getting some quality time with my sister Kelly

109. Curiosity
110. Imagination
111. The stumbling toddle of a new walker
112. Beautiful weather
113. Natural bodies of water
114. Ducks and geese
115. Walks
116. The smell of a barbeque
117. American Idol
118. Smiles
119. Shared experiences
120. The smell of sunscreen
121. Fits of giggles
122. Free Coffee
123. GPS systems (I don't have one, but they're just cool)
124. The wonder of childhood
125. Slides
126. Movies
127. Shopping
127. A new dress!
128. Great deals
129. Getting to visit with my good friend Kimi

130. French fries
131. My i-pod
132. Time to myself
133. Living in a breathtakingly beautiful place
134. Green, rolling hills
135. Lupin
136. Already having had my wisdom teeth taken out
137. Reminders to be thankful
138. Free meals at work
139. The meadow
140. Quiet times
141. God's Word
142. My snuggle bug (a.k.a. Penny)

143. My sugar booger (a.k.a. Rocky) 144. Healthy pups!

145. Freedom
146. Worship time in the car
147. Clouds
148. The Holy Spirit
149. Quiet mornings
150. Really easy days at work
151. God's provision
152. Future events to be excited about
153. Ambition
154. Humility
155. Rest
156. Getting to chat with a girl in juvenile hall
157. Developing relationships
158. Singing
159. Driving
160. Animals
161. Pajamas
162. Change
163. Reunions
164. Prayer
165. Building trust
166. Wildflowers
167. Oak trees
168. Country music
169. Time to sit outside and enjoy
170. Getting to visit with Leah
171. Inspiration
172. Amazing women of the bible
173. Amazing women in the church
174. Great authors
175. Words of wisdom
176. Learning new things
177. An excellent dinner made by yours truly
178. Feeling like a grown up
179. Feeling like a kid
180. Technology
181. The human brain
182. The difference between men and women
183. Book stores
184. Meatballs (especially pesto ones)
185. Jeapordy
186. Wheel of Fortune
187. Exploring
188. Jasmine flowers
189. Golden retrievers
190. Labrador retrievers
191. Pain relievers
192. Independence
193. Competence
194. Walks
195. Freedom
196. Diversity
197. Closure
198. Moving on
199. Cake
200. Support systems
201. Agape love
202. Thoughtful words
203. Community
204. Visiting new places
205. Live music
206. Art
207. Pay-offs
208. Driving
209. Church
210. Worship
211. Bright colors
212. Seeing beauty everywhere
213. Eye candy
214. Learning experiences
215. Common ground

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1 comment:

Prudy said...

I'm thankful for my salvation.
My husband.
Sleeping in.
Dental Insurance.

(One of my dogs is thankful for stuff squeaky squirrel which is really a teddy bear but to her everything is a squirrel). :)