Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kevin's Blog

Has an actual entry. In case people were confused and forgot he had a blog, since it had been so long. Just try to help a brother out. :)

New post from me coming soon. Not much to say just now, I was
busy enjoying the INCREDIBLE weather we were blessed with for a couple days. I will NEVER again complain about the weather in California. We're back to rain and temps in the 50's tomorrow, but the warmth and sushine was GLORIOUS while it lasted. Like a drug.


Mom Ryan said...

Last night the Randalls arrived to meet Elodie! Glad you got a shot of vitamin D, but we are having showers and cooler weather, too. Except in our (CA) case ~ we desperately need the rain so it's all good. Kelly has no voice, cold from Bennett, but she looks good, and Elodie is precious; starting to coo and talk. Tara forgot her camera so I gave her mine, so hopefully they will take some photos to share with you. Enjoy the Easter weekend! Much love!

Linda Z said...

You druggie!! :)