Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I promised that I would write more about my roommate, so I will stick to my word. Her name is Erin, she's 23, from small town Wisconsin, and she's a pretty cool girl. She did a combined program and got her Bachelor's and her Master's at the same time, I think the program was called Rehabilitation Services. Something like that. Now she is doing an internship in Milwuakie (a suburb of Portland) in preparation for her career, which involves helping people with disabilities (mostly developmental and mental health related) to gain employment. I think that's pretty cool. Obviously we have some similar interests. It's been fun having a roommate again. I was a bit surprised, to be honest, because I got used to the luxury of living alone for 2 and a half years. I know some people don't think of it as a luxury, but roommate situations can often be sticky, and I enjoy having my own space. With that said, things have been incredibly easy and smooth. I actually find myself disappointed when I get home and she's gone or asleep. It's nice to have someone around. She likes the dogs a lot, which is awesome, because they aren't the most mellow or behaved dogs you'll ever meet. ;) She's not a neat freak, a gourmet chef, or a big health nut, so she doesn't judge me for my sloppiness or my simple tastes. We like to watch reality tv together, and make fun of the silly people. I'm learning a bit about Wisconsin (she was raised on a farm) and she's learning about Portland (and California too). When she arrived with her boyfriend, it was 30 degrees outside, and snowing, and he said, "is it always this warm here?" I looked at him strangely. She is not used to the diversity, or to homeless people, she had never heard of In & Out, Baja Fresh, or Trader Joe's, and she asked me after about a week whether I thought she had an accent (which I noticed in the first five minutes.) She seems to be dealing really well with the big change though. It was never really awkward between us - we've just been getting to know each other naturally. She was raised Catholic, but is not particularly religious herself. She's not strongly political, but very open minded and accepting of all kinds of people. We have easy and interesting conversations about politics, religion, and psychology, which is not always possible with people. So far, our only problems have been that she's not used to manual heaters, so she sometimes leaves the heat on all day, and her long curly hair is clogging the shower drain already. Ha ha. But I think we can hurdle those issues. :) We're both pretty easy going people, so things are good.


Oh also... she's a gymnast. She stands on her hands a lot. But as I have a best friend who does that kind of thing on a regular basis, it doesn't seem that strange. :)


Linda Z said...

Woah, she is seriously limber. I hope you've introduced her to Baja Fresh, Trader Joes and In-n-Out. Those are 3 of my favorite food suppliers on earth! :)

Rob, Kelly, and Bennett said...

That was cute, and I feel much better knowing what she looks like for some reason. I hope you prepared her for the life change that she is about to experience now that she has been introduced to Trader Joe's.

Who is the B.F. that stands on her hands? Arletta?

Tell Erin that-glad as we are it is going so well-we want you back soon :)!

Love you!

Colleen said...

I agree with you both - she's in for some amazing food - although sadly, there is no In & Out in Oregon, so she may not get to experience that. :(

Kelly - yes, I was referring to Arletta. Love you too!

Arletta said...

I was getting ready to angrily write to you about not updating your blog but low and behold you have upheld your word....not that I ever have to doubt that with you. I'm glad for the picture as well. And even though she's from Wisconsin she doesn't hold your lactose-intolerance against you? I hope you are getting better sickie...

Mom Ryan said...

"Nice to meet you, Erin!" at least thru the blog. Hope you can visit California & meet more of Colleen's family sometime! It sounds like you two are becoming friends, & you are enjoying sharing your home, life & pups! Hope you are over the strep, and taking care!

Lots of Love,