Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Again

Well it's been awhile, hasn't it? I decided to live in the real world for awhile. And it's been grand. God has done great things in my life. I will share about the biggest things He's done in the next post.

In addition to those things, I have moved out to Salinas, I'm living in a great house with a sweet roomie and our 4 (!) doggies. I have a church family now, and words cannot express how great a blessing that is. I am on a leadership team for a group at our church that ministers to people in their 20's. I have sweet friends who support me and help me when needed, and vice versa. I am happy.

In terms of blogging, I have been preparing for something that God has put on my heart, which I will also share in the next post. But for now, and probably for good, Adventures of a Small Town Girl will go back to what it originally was - a space to share my thoughts, feelings, updates and adventures with the people who care to hear them. I'm not going to focus my energies on social networking and gathering followers and all the stuff that gets distracting and overwhelming. Because my blogging energies will be focused elsewhere. But I still love my little blog home in this little corner of cyberspace. And I know there are some people who still care to hear what's going on in my life. :) So the adventure continues. Just... differently.

Thank you to those who have been here with me through the whole journey (Mom) and to those who have joined in along the way. As I write this it sounds like goodbye, but it isn't. It's just a bit of change. Maybe one of the reasons that I hate change so much is that it feels like something is ending, as we venture into the new... the unknown. Anyway, feel free to stick around, my blog is not going anywhere. But if you aren't that interested in my little life, that's ok too.

See you all soon.

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Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Oh yay! So glad you are back!!!

Colleen said...

Aww, thanks Lindsey!! Miss you!!

Jenna said...

I've missed you. I love your little corner of the internet. :)

I agree, change always sounds like something is ending but it's just a continuation with another door opening, I think.

Colleen said...

Thank you Jenna!! That's so sweet!

LindaFaye said...

Hmm.. What's new coming to the blog? I am all curious now.

Colleen said...

Ha ha thanks Linda. You'll find out soon if you stick around! :)