Monday, September 20, 2010

Haiti: The Joy

Part one of my Haiti Journey: The Heartbreak

These are the orphans we visited. When we arrived, they were singing to us. We played with them, colored, sang, danced, and just loved on them. It was a joy and a blessing to be with them. I hope and pray that God finds earthly parents for each of them.

I think their precious faces speak for themselves.

Here's the rest of the Haiti journey:

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Traci Michele said...

So cool! We just sponsored a little girl from Haiti! I posted about it a few days ago!

So cute!

Hey girl. I created a Relevant Meet and Greet page on my blog. Come join the fun.


Carolyn Ward said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful faces...

Sippy Cup Mom said...

So precious. You are such an angel!