Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas!! The holiday season is in full swing, and it's the most wonderful time of the year! The lights are up, the music is on, even my blog has the Christmas spirit! :)

I am disappointed in myself that I did not write a single entry in November. Although most of you (that read this) are aware, I'm still living at home, and I finally
(praise God!) got a job. I am working at another group home, but it's much different than the one in Portland. It's in Salinas, and it's a lower level than the one in Portland (meaning the kids require a lower level of care). There are 6 beds in the home, and it houses adolescent girls (13-17) who have a mental health diagnosis and have a substance abuse problem. So far, I have really enjoyed it. It's much more mellow than the Portland job, there are fewer rules and restrictions for the girls, and so far, no one has hit me, so that's a plus. :) I'm enjoying getting to know the girls, that's always been my favorite part of this work. Kids who have the life experiences they have are often (surprisingly) much more open than the average teenager. Perhaps they're just used to having a lot of people come in and out of their lives, but they tend to share their stories easily, and despite their tough exteriors, they are often more accepting of people who are new and/or different from them. The job has its challenges, of course. I am learning a new system, which has its flaws, as the program is not even 2 years old. Of course, teenagers are prone to bouts of moodiness and attitude. And sadly, since I started about 3 weeks ago, 2 of the girls at the house have run away. This (the running) is not at all new to me, it's a very common behavior within the demographic that I work with, but it's always disappointing and worrisome. I hope and pray that those girls are safe, wherever they are. For the most part though, the job is great.

I have conceded to the fact that
God is keeping me in this area, at least for now. Which is not to say that I don't love it here, because I do, it's just not what I had planned. But God had other plans. I was getting so frustrated, worried and depressed about how long it was taking me to find a job. (Part of the reason for the lack in blogging.) I wish that I was better at trusting God. He always knows what's best for me, and His ways are higher than my ways. Of all the jobs I applied for/interviewed for/saw on the internet, this one is the best. My passion is for working with at-risk youth, and believe it or not, I prefer teenagers. I like working with a team better than being out there on my own, but it is also nice to have a smaller number of kids to supervise. Not to mention, the pay is awesome. So, it's a pretty perfect set-up. Since I completely neglected my blog during the month of thanks, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to God, for the blessing of employment. I also want to thank my parents for supporting me through that process, financially and emotionally, with every job denial, they were hopeful and encouraging that the right job was out there. And thank you to my two amazing sisters and my wonderful friends, who were always just a phone call, e-mail, or text message away during that frustrating time. I am thankful for YOU!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with the whole family: taking multiple trips out to the meadow with the kiddos, making and eating delicious food, talking, laughing, playing. And I'm so looking forward to Christmas! I am thankful for so many things this season!


Linda Z said...

So good to hear what the Lord is doing in and through you. Those girls will be so blessed to have you in their lives! :)

And I love the lyrics to the Christmas song you posted.

Rob, Kelly, Bennett, and Elodie said...

I just saw this-sweet post. And, your welcome :). Teasing...I will always be a call, t.m, or email away!! I am so glad it is going well with the girls at work. Yay for God's plans and timing!

Tara said...

OK - belated blog reading, and this post was right up my alley, can't believe I missed it!! Anyway, I'm happy you're happy and I'll echo Kel's comments...XOXO