Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Visit - Kayla's Wedding

Ok, Elodie fans, I warn you that I have not uploaded my pictures of her from my camera yet. I have a few photos that I took on my phone, and there will be more pictures later. I do have pictures from Kayla's wedding, so I wanted to share those.

Getting Ready:

The bride and her maids:

Almost time:

I didn't get pictures of the ceremony because... I was in it. But here are some from the reception:

First Dance:
The garter toss:
Cutting the cake:

SLO Besties:

The pics of Elodie from my phone:

I had an amazing time in California. I had so much fun being a part of Kayla's special day, and everything leading up to it. It was great to spend time with my SLO girls, who mean the world to me. I also got to see Brittani and Leah at home, and had lunch with Kimi and with Jenn while I was in the Bay area, which was really good. My time with the Markleys was so nice, and it has been really hard to come back, knowing that I won't see my family again until August.
:( Sometimes I just stare at the picture of Elodie on my phone. Ha ha. I'm so glad to have had such a long and fun visit, though! Thanks to everyone who was a part of it! Love you guys! (And Randalls - love you too - wish I could have seen you while I was there!)


Mom Ryan said...

Yes, August seems like a long time to wait, but it will go quickly, and Kelly is really good about posting photos on her Blog. I really appreciated that when they were in Long Beach, and we didn't see them very often. We all are happy you'll be returning to CA. Glad you had some time with our new angel. Love you!

Arletta said...

Kayla's make up looked great. Who's her make up artist??? Nice work lady. August will be here before we know it. Love you!

Linda Z said...

What a pretty wedding. You look beautiful! :) Elodie looks so much like her big bro! :) They are both so cute!

Rob, Kelly, Bennett, and Elodie said...

Hi, Sister.
Yes, Kayla is beautiful, and I too am impressed by your (makeup) artistry.

I LOVE that photo of El. smooshing her cheek! It is one of my favorites. You don't realize how chubby her cheeks are until they get smooshed :).

It was a great visit, and you were so helpful, thank you again. It pretty much sucks that we don't get to see you until...well, you know. I was wishing you were here when I watched Am.Idol this week. Bummer that what's-her-name (Alexis?) got kicked off, she was cute. Matt is immerging as my new favorite; Bennett thinks he looks like Uncle Kevin. I still want you to marry Danny, though.

Love you!